Entertainment Systems

Call us today for prompt and efficient or same-day TV mounting, theatre environment set-up, stable satellite connection, surround sound balancing, speaker hanging, multi-media connection, DSTV installations, repairs and upgrades. 

Today’s home theaters take many forms today. Large flat panel televisions with theater sound are common in the family room, and dedicated theaters with a projector and screen are still very popular. Either way, we are there to help make your home theater the place where your family and friends have their favorite viewing experience.

Entertainment Systems


We are a first pick for Satellite/DSTV installations, upgrades, repairs and relocations as well as putting together or installing the ideal home, office or building multimedia entertainment systems.

What kind of home entertainment system would you build for yourself if you had the choice?

We like going all-out. If you are not sure what components to put together to make up a stunning system, our team is specifically up-to-date with new technology and stunning products in the entertainment space and can put together a fantastic system for your. Our favourite running special would give you the following:

•Sony KDL-40XBR3 72-inch LCD projection panel
•Sony Digital Home Projector
•Yamaha YSP-110 Faux Flat Panel Surround Sound Speakers
•Bose Twitters and sub-woofer
•A nice 8-sitter set of recliner chairs like the Stokke’s Gravity Chair
•Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii
•Yamaha multimedia player & receiver
•Wall mounting support structures

Contact us and we will help you revitalise your home entertainment.

With a cool home theater, your home will become the favored place for your kids, family and friends. This helps you know not only where your kids are, but who they are with and what they are watching. In addition, your family will enjoy the comfort of your own comfortable seating and the convenience of being able to start the movie when you are ready, pause it for snack breaks, and replay your favorite parts at will. There really is no better place to watch a movie than in your own home theater.

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