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We do installation, repair and maintenance of all types of electric fences. Megatronix SA electric fencing

Our model fence is attached to your existing fence or wall to completely secure your home or business. With up to twenty lines of electric wire running the entire inner perimeter of your property, our fences pack a high-voltage, yet non-lethal, punch that will send any intruder running in shock.

Once triggered, our security fence solution sends a silent alarm to any number you desire. An optional audible alarm lets the potential intruder know he has been caught. “Stowaway” intruders are also caught because once the fence has been activated, there is no getting in or out.


  • Electric fences shall be installed and operated so that they cause no electrical hazard to non-intruding persons, animals or their surroundings.
  • Electric fence constructions, which are likely to lead to entanglement of animals or persons, shall be avoided.
  • An electric fence shall not be supplied from more than one energiser or from independent fence circuits of the same energiser.
  • The gap between two separate electric fences with different energisers shall be at least 2m.
  • If this gap is to be closed, this should be effected by means of a electrically non conductive material.
  • Barbed or razor wire shall not be electrified by an energiser.
  • Any part of an electric fence which is installed along a public path or highway shall be identified by warning plates securely fastened to the fence posts or firmly clamped to the fence wires at intervals recommended to be of approximately 10 metres to 50 metres, but not exceeding 90 metres. The warning signs shall be at least 100mm x 200mm. The background colour of both sides shall be yellow. The inscription shall be black and shall be the substance of TAKE CARE – ELECTRIC FENCE. The inscription shall be indelible, inscribed on both sides and have a height of at least 25mm.
  • Except for low output battery operated energisers, the energiser earth electrode shall penetrate the ground to a depth of at least 1m.
  • Connecting leads that are run inside buildings shall be effectively insulated from the earth structural parts of the building. This may be achieved by using double insulated high voltage cable.
  • Connecting leads that are run underground shall be run in a conduit of insulating material.
  • Care shall be taken to avoid damage to the connecting leads due to the effects of animal hooves or tractor wheels sinking into the ground.
  • Connecting leads shall not be installed in the same conduit as the mains supply wiring, communication cables or data cables.
  • Connecting leads and electric fence wires shall not cross above overhead power or communication lines.
  • Crossings with overhead cables shall be avoided wherever possible. If such a crossing cannot be avoided, it shall be made underneath the power line and as nearly as possible at right angles to it.
  • If connecting leads and electric fences are installed near an overhead power line the clearances shall be:
  1. Power Line Voltage: Under 1000 volts – Clearance: 3 Metres
  2. Power Line Voltage: 1000 – 33,000 volts – Clearance: 4 Metres
  3. Power Line Voltage: Over 33,000 volts – Clearance: 8 Metres
  • If connecting leads and electric fence wires are installed near an overhead power line, their height above ground shall not exceed 2m. This height applies either side of the orthogonal projection of the outermost conductors of the power line on the ground surface, for a distance of – 2m for power lines not exceeding 1000V – 15m for power lines exceeding 1000V.
  • A distance of 10m shall be maintained between the energiser Earth Spike and any other earthing system such as the power supply system protective earth or the telecommunication system earth.
  • Electric fences intended for deterring birds, household pet containment or training animals such as cows need only be supplied from low output energisers to obtain satisfactory and safe performance.
  • In electric fences intended for deterring birds from roosting on buildings, no electric fence wire shall be connected to the Earth Spike.
  • A warning plate, as described earlier, shall be fitted to every point where persons may gain ready access to the conductors.
  • A non-electrified fence incorporating barbed wire or razor wire may be used to offset electrified wires of an electric animal fence. The supporting devices for the electrified wires shall be constructed so as ensure these wires are positioned at a minimum distance of 150mm from the vertical plane of the non electrified wires. The barbed/razor wire shall be earthed at regular intervals.
  • Where an electric animal fence crosses a public pathway, a non-electrified gate shall be incorporated in the electric fence at that point or a crossing by means of stiles shall be provided.
  • At any such crossing, the adjacent electrified wires shall carry warning plates as described earlier.

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