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We supply, install and maintain top of the range Security CCTV cameras with 360 degree focus or rotation.

Megatronix SA CCTV

At Megatronix SA, we lead the way in the design, development and application of CCTV, with cameras fulfilling functions from residential security, retail security to securing commercial sites.

All our systems record onto digital recorders. These have substantial benefits for end users, from their flexibility of operation to bottom line economics.

They also consistently outperform multiplexer/VCR combinations on numerous accounts. One being maintenance – cleaning VCR heads – and then there is no longer the headache of having to constantly change tapes.

In fact, with the advent of low cost high capacity disk drives, the latest digital systems are more than capable of recording for as many days as a user’s data protection policy stipulates before being overwritten, removing the requirement for a tape library altogether. Incidents are recorded onto CD or DVD.

CCTV applications:

  • Record any person entering your premises or any activities at high value/high risk areas
  • Recording production lines in factories
  • Visual verification of visitors (commercial or domestic)
  • Remotely monitor a commercial site off site 24 hours a day
  • Monitor and protect stock levels
  • View live pictures from home or anywhere in the world.

Cameras and detectors placed strategically around an area are linked to a RVRC (Remote Video Response Centre) which can be at the same premises or in a remote location. In the RVRC, operators can provide 24 hour event-driven monitoring of a specified area, even issuing verbal warnings (via on-site horn speakers) to intruders. Experience suggests that this step alone is a sufficient deterrent in over 90% of incidents. Where offenders are more determined, then operators can trigger an alarm and alert the emergency services and keyholders.

The vast majority of CCTV Installations are either DVR or IP Type

  • DVR Based CCTV Systems incorporating Analogue Security Cameras: Max resolution is similar to DVD
  • High Definition IP CCTV Systems utilising Megapixel IP Network Cameras: Max resolution would be a multiple of Full HD

The best choice of system will usually depend on budget and layout/functionality.

You need to be aware of issues like:

  • The overall strategy and goals you have for your CCTV system.
  • The quality and life expectancy of your surveillance cameras.
  • Technical camera variables like lens selection, camera type, shutter speeds, iris controls, remote control capabilities, required focal length, zoom variables and more.
  • Camera positioning and angle(s) for effectiveness, legal compliance and protection from damage.
  • The technical skills of your system designer and the CCTV system installer.
  • The integrity and character of installers who will know your security profile intimately.

Megatronix takes you through all these considerations to ensure that at the end of the day, you have peace of mind and feel secure.

Our Package Installations come as follows:
1. Small Residential System – choice of indoor&/outdoor 1 camera, 2 cameras, 3 cameras or 4 cameras
2. Large Residential System – choice of indoor&/outdoor 6 cameras, 8 cameras, 10 cameras, 12 cameras
3. Small Commercial System – choice of indoor&/outdoor 2 cameras, 3 cameras, 4 cameras, 6 cameras
4. Large Commercial System – choice of indoor&/outdoor 8 cameras, 10 cameras, 12 cameras, 16 cameras, >16 cameras

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